Cookie problem with proxy cache

Ole Laursen olau at
Tue Nov 17 00:26:14 MSK 2009

I had a problem with the proxy cache. I have a login page that sets a cookie and
returns "Vary: cookie". For some reason, nginx seems to think the page can be
cached and thus strips the Set-Cookie header. So I can't login. :)

I've fixed the problem by adding a proxy_pass_header Set-Cookie. But I guess the
root of the problem is that nginx thinks it can cache the page in spite of the
"Vary: cookie" header. Isn't this a bug?

For the record, Varnish doesn't cache Vary: cookie pages.

I have the following cache settings, copied from an example in the English

  proxy_cache defaultzone;
  proxy_cache_valid  200 302 2m;
  proxy_cache_valid  301 1h;
  proxy_cache_valid  any 30s;

The login page comes from a web framework (Django admin) which makes plenty use
of the Vary: cookie header.


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