error occurs while performance testing with multi-user( a module allocated big memory)

gaosboy nginx-forum at
Wed Nov 25 12:41:04 MSK 2009

/* I'm sorry that posting the same content again, but i did not give a clear subject in my last mail. */

I wrote a module.
Receive a post request, and the request body is a big text with size of hundreds of KBs. And get the whole body once.
Send the big text to a FS-Server through a socket connection.
Return a Json text. like {code:"200"; msg:"SUCESS"}

While performance testing with LoadRunner, it's okay with a single virtual user.
But there would be many errors with multi-user, even only 2.

I need to know what's the problem~
I guess there may be something wrong with the memory between processes of nginx.

I'm looking forward the answer.

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