"X-Accel-Redirect" and Wordpress MU solution

rahul286 nginx-forum at nginx.us
Fri Nov 27 21:05:41 MSK 2009

Jeff Waugh Wrote:
> G'day, from the author of that patch. :-)

Glad to meet you. I just cannot thank you enough for making that great patch.
It saved me and my blog network! :-)

> Here's the relevant configuration snippet I use:
>   location ^~ /blogs.dir {
>     internal;
>     alias 
> /srv/example.com/root/wp-content/blogs.dir;
>   }

I did it and it worked like a charm!

I have one question though. I see your patch had 'exit' before sending following headers.

@header( "Last-Modified: $last_modified GMT" );
@header( 'ETag: ' . $etag );
@header( 'Expires: ' . gmdate('D, d M Y H:i:s', time() + 100000000) . ' GMT' );

I modified code to send above headers, but it didn't worked well.

I guess above headers if successfully sent will further enhance performance.
If "client has file cached" server can return "304 not modified" and a lot of data transfer can be saved!

What do you think? Any way to add atleast "Etag" header?

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