Conflicting server name - i don't understand

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Wed Sep 2 03:49:53 MSD 2009

I'm no expert, but may'be thi'll help...

On Tue, Sep 1, 2009 at 22:51, ktm<nginx-forum at> wrote:
> This is my vhost file.Basically for every vhost i just copy this and change domain name. What i'm missing here, why if i add the second vhost it gives me that error ?

You have 3 servers{ }, not 2.

>  server {
>            listen   80;
>            server_name;
>       }

You can erase this one, and just use server_name;
in your next server entry:

> server {
>                        listen   80;
>                        server_name; # <-- replace

The way you have it, you have two servers for the same domain. If i'm
not mistaken, that doesn't work correctly (and is unnecessary), unless
one server is taking incoming requests and the other is one of the
backend servers (thus using nginx's reverse proxy thingy).

>            location /  {
>                                root   /home/xxx/public_html/;

Are you making vhosts for the local users? something like ? If so, did you check permissions?

There are a lot of ifs, maybe some can be replaced. Which version are
you running? Did you compile from source (if so with which parameters)
of install from a package? Which OS? If all else fails, you can start
with very basic configurations for your servers and add from there.

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