php apache_request_headers() replicement?

Hüseyin Mert huseyinin at
Mon Aug 9 14:26:17 MSD 2010

I'm developing a xhr uploading script by using
But nginx has no apache_request_headers function, and find from an

function _apache_request_headers() {
	foreach($_SERVER as $key=>$value) {
		if (substr($key,0,5)=="HTTP_") {
			$key=str_replace(" ","-",ucwords(strtolower(str_replace("_","
	return $out;

my problem is that upload script has following function that needs a
content-lenght param which nginx does not have

function getSize(){
	$headers = *apache_request_headers*();
	return (int)*$headers['Content-Length']*;

so I add an extra param to my site config

fastcgi_param CONTENT-LENGTH $content_length;

this parameter is needed for how much bytes uploaded to the server (maybe I
get it wrong) , how can I fix this issue? Thanks for all..

Hüseyin Mert
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