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Mon Aug 9 15:20:44 MSD 2010

Hello all,
I'm new to nginx (and first post on this mailing list),I have read the wiki
and scoured the web in order to find a nginx_mysql_auth or nginx_ldap_auth
module for nginx.
I am migrating my servers from apache to nginx + nginx-php-fpm now this is
included with php-5.3.0 and in all of theses servers I am using a
centralized directory to manage access to phpmyadmin, SVN repositories and
much more.
Now my question is this: I haven't been able to find anything that answer my
needs, I want nginx to talk directly with mysql or ldap and the only think
I've found is this:

Apparently the folks at wordpress have developed something based on the PAM
auth module by sergio Talens-Oliag but I keep hearing that this module isn't
non-blocking and therefore might ruin my nginx performance (although on my
production server, I'll need this only to limit access to phpmyadmin and
this will be accesses only few times a week apparently).

Does anyone know another modules? Are new modules in the work? Can someone
enlighten me if using this module will indeed ruin my nginx performance?
Should I hold with switching from apache to nginx? Because managing htpasswd
across more than 10 servers isn't something I'm willing to do at this stage.

Thanks a lot!
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