Sensible Performance/Growth Strategies?

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Mon Aug 16 17:01:00 MSD 2010


Raina Gustafson a écrit :

>  2. I tried using Amazon S3 as a cheap CDN, but Varnish was WAY faster.

Of course a local server will be way faster than S3/Cloudfront, but the 
results will likely be different for a user on the other side of the 
planet because Cloudfront will have a server close to that user.

BTW, you should use cloudfront instead of S3 if you want a CDN:
> I really need to gain a better understanding of the basics of how
> everything works. My background is in fine art–not tech.
You might want to check these slides from a presentation by Ask Bjørn 
Hansen about scaling web services. It helped give me a good overall 
understanding of web scalability: (189 pages, 6MB PDF)

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