Is directive alias incompatible with module FastCGI?

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Tue Aug 17 17:15:47 MSD 2010


at first let me thank you for developing NginX! I use NginX 0.8.48, PHP
5.3.3 with inbuilt php-fpm version 0.6.5 on CentOS 5.5.

But there is one problem I have been trying to solve for hours without
success: I want that PHP only gets parsed in an "aliased" subfolder but
not in the parent location. Is this even possible?

I tried to achieve my aim in several ways, including this one:

	listen			80;
	root			/var/www/example/html;
	index			index.html index.php;

	# Igor's suggestion from June 2009:,3059,3060#msg-3060

	location ~ /test/
		alias  /var/www/phpmyadmin/;

	location ~ ^/test/(.+\.php)$
		alias  /var/www/phpmyadmin/$1;
		fastcgi_index  index.php;
		fastcgi_param  SCRIPT_FILENAME  $request_filename;
		include  /etc/nginx/fastcgi_params;

	location ~* \.(css|js|jpg|jpeg|gif|png|cur|bmp)$
		access_log  off;
		expires  60d;

PHP should only get parsed in

[color=#0033CC][/color]   ==  

but not in

[color=#0033CC][/color]   ==  

because another person has access to
[color=#CC3300]/var/www/example/html/[/color] via chrooted SFTP, too.

Unfortunately, index.php in
[color=#0033CC][/color] (at the moment a
simple [color=#999999]<?php phpinfo(); ?>[/color]) doesn't get parsed
but is provided for download by Chromium, while Opera shows the source
code of the PHP file.

I also tried to nest "[i]location[/i]" directives and to work with
"[i]if[/i]", but that didn't work either. For example:

location ~* /test/
	alias /var/www/phpmyadmin/;

	if ($uri ~ "\.php$")

I know that I could simply use a different subdomain for phpmyadmin, but
I wonder if it's possible to use FastCGI / PHP together with the
[i]alias[/i] directive.

Any help is appreciated, and if you'd like to see my complete config
files, just let me know.

Kind greetings from Austria!

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