Nginx as a proxy, needs to follow 301 responses

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Thu Aug 19 05:39:28 MSD 2010

On 18/08/2010 22:31, hendrik wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am using nginx as a proxy for custom URLs. I call URLs like
> /proxy/ and nginx acts as a proxy for
> This works fine as long as the response
> from the upstream server is not a 301. If it is a 301, this gets
> forwarded to the client which then calls the target location directly.
> Is there a way nginx can resolve these 301s and deliver the contents to
> the client? You can find the config below.
I think you should be able to do this by compiling the headers-more 
module ( and have a 
config like :


proxy_pass      http://$1;
more_set_headers -s '301 302 303' 'Location: /proxy/$upstream_http_location'; # you might want to add more 30x's here

location ~ ^/proxy/http://(.*)$ {

	include	proxy.conf;


location ~ ^/proxy/(.*)$ {

	include	proxy.conf;


though I've not tested it.  I think that $upstream_http_location will be 
set after the response from the source server, but I'm not certain.

A few notes :

- Having a proxy without some kind of security check is probably not a 
good idea.  You could do this with your proxy, but could also be done 
with iptables.
- There's probably not much point in trying to enforce 'domain/url' in 
the regex. It will slow things down, and you don't really gain 
anything.  Same with case-insensitive regexes.
- Nginx buffers responses until the request has been completed before 
passing to the client. On small files, this shouldn't be a problem, but 
on big ones it might. On continual audio/video streams, it will block 
(as far as I know, and it did the last time I tested it).
- Depending on what you're using it for, you might be better off using 
Apache Trafficserver as a high-performance forward proxy.  The 
performance is good, and I think it'll be able to do what you want, but 
the config files are really ugly.


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