Nginx as a proxy, needs to follow 301 responses

hendrik nginx-forum at
Fri Aug 20 19:25:22 MSD 2010

Hi Marcus!

Thank you very much for your response! I'll have a look into the module
you advised and leave some feedback.

Regarding your remarks:
- I am aware that leaving this proxy open is a security issue and I'm
thinking about doing some basic checks like referrer. But since this
setup can only proxy single files and isn't defined according to
socks-standards or something, I don't think this should be a real
- I tried different regexes and sticked with this, since I tried some
configs where I needed the host. Thanks for reminding me to change this
back! :)
- I only need to proxy little images (<10k). Do you know a way to permit
only those sizes for nginx to proxy?

Again, thank you very much for your answer!

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