Content load stalls for IE7, nginx 0.7.62, SSL

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Wed Feb 10 05:03:14 MSK 2010

Hi all,

We're running an app under rails / unicorn / nginx / ubuntu, and for some of our users under IE7, the login page doesn't completely render -- it gets most of the way done and hangs. It's intermittent, though standard cache clearing / restarting doesn't seem to fix it. We haven't had any reports of it hanging on any non-SSL page, which leads me to suspect something in our nginx config rather than the rails stack -- though I'm far from certain.

I've done a fair amount of googling on this and haven't come up with anything concrete. Anyone know any gotchas for SSL config with IE?

In case it matters, we're running a star cert from GoDaddy, and not relying on SNI to handle our multiple hostnames.

Also, here's a URL that will (sometimes) exhibit the problem:

Thanks in advance -- let me know if I can make anythng clearer.


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