Nginx + Thin cluster of 3. Which Thin took the request?

Igor Sysoev igor at
Wed Feb 17 14:02:22 MSK 2010

On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 11:37:03AM +0100, comopasta Gr wrote:

> Hi again,
> Thanks for the hints. I was trying to use $upstream_http_... but that 
> didn't print out anything.
> This is all in development environment so no big loads or anything. Just 
> testing the setup.
> I actually managed to verify that the cluster is operative. By checking 
> with that I get responses from the three pids that belong to 
> each server of the cluster.
> But I would guess that Nginx should know to which app server is 
> forwarding the request (?) I a more friendly way...

Try to log $upstream_addr.

Igor Sysoev

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