Lots of CLOSE_WAIT sockets, nginx+php (WordPress site)

Vicente Aguilar bisente at bisente.com
Fri Feb 26 10:28:40 MSK 2010


> Note well 2: I've already asked you to try compiling without third 
> party modules and patches and check if you are able to reproduce 
> the problem.  It doesn't really make sense to proceed any further 
> without doing this.

I've gone back to the original Debian Lenny package (0.6.32-3+lenny3, I was using a patched 0.7.65) and in ~14h have had no issues at all, 0 sockets in the CLOSE_WAIT state. 

I'm going to leave it like this the whole weekend and see, but it seems there was some issue with the 0.7 release or some of the patches I was using. Funny thing is, I'm using that same binary at work but with Tomcat instead of PHP and had no issues at all. Anyway, next week I'll upgrade patch by patch and try to guess which one was causing the problem.

Not sure if this could be related to the event module as Benjamin suggested. I'm using the default one (nothing on nginx.conf), I've tried to change it but nginx always failed to start. I'm not sure which ones are compiled in ATM, will try to find that out today.

I'll tell you when I find out what the cause of the problem was, just for the sake of having it documented and showing up on Google in case somebody else hits the same issue. :-)

Thanks again

 Vicente Aguilar <bisente at bisente.com> | http://www.bisente.com

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