Caching OSM tiles

Igor Sysoev igor at
Tue May 11 11:34:32 MSD 2010

On Tue, May 11, 2010 at 08:37:19AM +0200, Cedric Jeanneret wrote:

> Hello!
> I'm currently developping a really tiny app using OpenLayers[1] and OpenStreetMap[2]. 
> As I was testing it, I saw that sometimes tiles don't come. I guess this is caused by server load at OSM. So I was thinking about caching some tiles so that it won't overload OSM, and my app will work nicely.
> Has anybody ever tried it ? if so, how can we do it ?
> If no one has tested/tried it, any hints/ideas ?
> I guess I should configure a special vhost like "", proxy-ing, with some caching, and tell OpenLayers to use OSM tiles through this proxy. Right ?


Igor Sysoev

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