Allow CNAME records to connect to point to my server?

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Fri Dec 2 09:37:40 UTC 2011

Our web app gives each user a sub-domain. I'd like to offer some larger
plans CNAME's so they can point one of their own domain names with a
CNAME to their sub-domain on our server 

ie; => CNAME

Our NGINX server is configured with wild card sub-domains, but uses a
perl conf to read valid sub-domains from a file. If the sub-domain
doesn't exist they get a 404.

So I am guess to allow users to create CNAME's to their sub-domain on
our server we will need to create a name based virtual host and a new
config file in sites-available include their subdomain on our server, as
well as an alias of the customers own domain? Is that how it should be
done or is there another way?


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