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Mon Jan 3 15:13:46 MSK 2011

Ahh oke that explains a lot.

We will change the config to separate ip addresses.

Thank you.



On 1/3/11 11:29 AM, "Piotr Sikora" <piotr.sikora at> wrote:

> SSL & NginxHi,

> The upstream needed is provided in the config, here is the
> problem. We use 
> the config IP multiple times with different certificates
> and different 
> server_name variables. Last Friday we¹ve noticed that the
> certificate wasn¹t 
> working well in IE7/8/9. Is this a known problem or am I
> doing something 
> wrong?

TL;DR: Your setup
> doesn't work for clients that use Windows XP, but it works 
for clients that
> use Windows Vista or 7. If you want SSL to work for 
everybody, then you need
> to use separate IP address for each certificate.

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