Check for existing remote files

Vitaly Tskhovrebov vt at
Thu Jan 13 12:15:57 MSK 2011

On 1/13/2011 11:40 AM, mignev wrote:

> However, my question ofcource :) Can you tell me guys how I can check
> for existing remote file.
> What i mean:
> how can i check or

Technically, of course you can build some solution for that, even do it 
in your application nginx serves. But think about network delays that 
would be raise for each check. It's really not for fast philosophy.

You have to find workaround. I.e., a script running under the cron every 
minute, which checks that exists, and creates 
file "exists" under some location, else removes it. And nginx will check 
about this file presence.

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