Query regarding Nginx working with FastCGI

Jim Ohlstein jim at ohlste.in
Mon Jul 11 18:51:17 MSD 2011

On 7/11/11 10:12 AM, António P. P. Almeida wrote:
> On 11 Jul 2011 10h21 WEST, rishab.jain at sourcefuse.com wrote:
> As suggested above try php-fpm, it provides a native PHP process
> manager. Alternatively to php-fpm and supervisor, I suggest
> monit. This is a C program opposed to supervisor which is Python.
> http://mmonit.com

Didn't I actually suggest that? I mentioned that we use Monit for nginx,
php-fpm, memcached,etc. Where did I suggest Supervisor and php-fpm? I
actually mentioned Supervisor along with "vanilla" php-cgi although
Monit would work there too.

If one is really paranoid and wants additional redundancy, Supervisor
can be used to manage critical daemons and Monit used to monitor
Supervisor. But that's beyond the scope of this list and this question.

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