Query regarding Nginx working with FastCGI

António P. P. Almeida appa at perusio.net
Mon Jul 11 19:24:55 MSD 2011

On 11 Jul 2011 15h51 WEST, jim at ohlste.in wrote:

> On 7/11/11 10:12 AM, António P. P. Almeida wrote:
>> On 11 Jul 2011 10h21 WEST, rishab.jain at sourcefuse.com wrote:
>> As suggested above try php-fpm, it provides a native PHP process
>> manager. Alternatively to php-fpm and supervisor, I suggest
>> monit. This is a C program opposed to supervisor which is Python.
>> http://mmonit.com
> Didn't I actually suggest that? I mentioned that we use Monit for
> nginx, php-fpm, memcached,etc. Where did I suggest Supervisor and
> php-fpm? I actually mentioned Supervisor along with "vanilla"
> php-cgi although Monit would work there too.

I was unclear in my reply. I suggest monit to monitor php-cgi and do
the process managing part. But you can always use it as an additional
monitoring agent. You can monitor php-fpm with it also.

> If one is really paranoid and wants additional redundancy,
> Supervisor can be used to manage critical daemons and Monit used to
> monitor Supervisor. But that's beyond the scope of this list and
> this question.


--- appa

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