proxy_cache_valid, how to get cache valid time by status in source code

demi nginx-forum at
Mon Jul 18 05:22:49 UTC 2011

I have sevral questions about source code.
1.about the directive proxy_cache_valid 200 5m, how does nginx get cache
valid time by its status? it seems function ngx_http_file_cache_valid()
in file  ngx_http_file_cache.c isnt used. I've checked other functions,
but nothing found., I need to set cache valid time by extensions, not status. there
are parameters status_n, status_line in u->headers_in,
(ngx_http_upstream_t *u), and other parameters in u->headers_in have
there own fuctions. what am I supposed to do? there's no parameter for
me to use in u->headers_in, need I add new parameter in u->headers_in?
but it's a complex work.
I would appreciate if anyone can give a hint.

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