about proxy_max_temp_file_size

chinix chinix at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 05:58:23 UTC 2011

I set proxy_max_temp_file_size = 0; or  proxy_max_temp_file_size = 20m; and download a 30m file,the nginx still wirte a temporary file.
I see from nginx wiki:
If file is larger than this size, it will be served synchronously from upstream server rather than buffered to disk.
If proxy_max_temp_file_size is equal to zero, temporary files usage will be disabled.

I understood when the file size over proxy_max_temp_file_size,it shouldn't write to proxy_temp_path.
But it seem doesn't work.
I understand wrong?

I hope somebody can help me and shed some light on what's going wrong.


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