Bug in supporting Quality zero (negate) parameter in Accept-Encoding

rburkat nginx-forum at nginx.us
Fri Jul 29 19:44:48 UTC 2011

> If you have their IP range you can try using the Geo module

Unfortunately we get millions of page views per day from all over the
world so I'm looking for a solution not just for this one client, but
all such cases.  Good idea though.

I do get reports now and then, where someone does report the site
without css, but I have always dismissed it as user error. Maybe this
problem is more prevalent and unreported .

Some more info on this... so if you have a client that can actually
handle gzip, but requests no gzip, but receives gzip due to this bug,
maybe it can actually render the data correctly, since it actually does
have the capabilities.  This may mean that if you are using nginx
directly to talk to such clients this bug may not be as visible.

In this particular CDN, they follow the rfc and actually error if the
origin sends a compressed version instead of plain, and pass that error
to the client.  So using the CDN, makes this problem more visible.

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