Bug in supporting Quality zero (negate) parameter in Accept-Encoding

António P. P. Almeida appa at perusio.net
Fri Jul 29 20:19:51 UTC 2011

On 29 Jul 2011 20h44 WEST, nginx-forum at nginx.us wrote:

>> If you have their IP range you can try using the Geo module
> Unfortunately we get millions of page views per day from all over
> the world so I'm looking for a solution not just for this one
> client, but all such cases.  Good idea though.
> I do get reports now and then, where someone does report the site
> without css, but I have always dismissed it as user error. Maybe
> this problem is more prevalent and unreported .
> Some more info on this... so if you have a client that can actually
> handle gzip, but requests no gzip, but receives gzip due to this
> bug, maybe it can actually render the data correctly, since it
> actually does have the capabilities.  This may mean that if you are
> using nginx directly to talk to such clients this bug may not be as
> visible.
> In this particular CDN, they follow the rfc and actually error if
> the origin sends a compressed version instead of plain, and pass
> that error to the client.  So using the CDN, makes this problem more
> visible.

You could try using the Map http://wiki.nginx.org/HttpMapModule module
like this:

map $http_accept_encoding $gzip_state {
   default on;
   ~gzip;q=0 off;

--- appa

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