Got timeout problems, even with 1.0.2, without old patches, reverse proxy with cache features

Pekka.Panula at Pekka.Panula at
Mon May 16 14:14:27 MSD 2011


Even with 1.0.2 version i am needed to patch these 2 patches:
Because i am getting timeouts without those 2 patch. My backend is IBM 
Lotus Domino and these are cases where body is 0 bytes but there is 
redirection / location on headers, it seems nginx on default stalled (when 
using cache features), it does not close connection between client and 

Seems to be fixed if i patch nginx with those patches, perhaps integrate 
them to nginx permanently?

   Pekka Panula, Sofor Oy - Jatkuvat palvelut
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