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Fri May 20 15:32:56 MSD 2011

Thanks for the reply
I traced the issue with the header's not being re-sent

ngx.location.capture("/some-location", { method = ngx.HTTP_HEAD })
they are not re-sent

ngx.location.capture("/some-location", { method = ngx.HTTP_GET })
they are sent

I don't know if this is correct behavior (it may well be)
I got around it by changing the headers I needed into args then re-creating them at /some-location :(

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> Hi
> The lua doc at
> Says "Note that, by default, subrequests issued by ngx.location.capture
> inherit all the request headers of the current request."
> And goes on to say that it can be an unwanted feature
> In my project I actually take advantage of this feature, but for some reason
> the headers don't go through to the sub request

Could you please paste your nginx.conf here? Also, information about
your nginx's version and ngx_lua's version can also be helpful :)


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