Benchmarks of cherokee vs nginx

Ryan B mp3geek at
Tue May 24 16:08:58 MSD 2011

This is static content (only http, and no php enabled), also using nginx (cache-io doesn't quite cut it in cherokee)

I found the cache too aggressive in cherokee, if I upload a newer file
I'd still keep serving the the cached file for a while (I wasn't
actually sure when it actually expired).. so I manually lowered the
expiry time for the cache (900secs), performance dives :/

Okay a quick break down of the stats..

Nginx-generated traffic is cut in half (thanks to gzip-static)  vs Cherokee
Nginx: 118Mb Ram, Cherokee: 260Mb
CPU: nginx is by-far using less, that race isn't even close.

A break down,

Both web servers packages are compiled on ubuntu 11.04/openvz hosting.

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