Accessing binary blob data in MySQL backend

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Tue May 31 19:31:06 MSD 2011

Correct, I just found out that although it is possible to encode binary in
javascript strings its unfortunately not possible in JSON.

You could output from mysql in HEX form using the built in function, and
de-hex in a lua module? But yes that would add computational overhead.

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> SplitIce Wrote:
> -------------------------------------------------------
> > The largest
> > disadvantage is the size of the table.
> This can be easily avoided by sharding the data into many tables,
> accessing it per modulo operation on the numerical key.
> > Oh and JSON
> > can be binary safe if
> > implmented correctly with correct escape
> > sequences, yes?
> But this would require -- if I am not mistaken -- to touch all data end
> encode it with Base64 (or similar) which gives you computation and data
> capacity overhead. Additionally this would require changes to
> application which we are trying to avoid. Some component inbetwen like
> MySQL Proxy might be able to workaround this, but this increases latency
> which is also not desired.
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