Accessing binary blob data in MySQL backend

Piotr Sikora piotr.sikora at
Tue May 31 19:50:43 MSD 2011


> I had rather hoped to get some background information about RDS (is there 
> some spec somewhere?)

There is no formal specification, but you can learn everything from 
ngx_drizzle / ngx_postgres sources.

Take a look at those 3 files:

> and why the use of the database modules for Nginx for lua-nginx more or 
> less enforces the use of JSON. There might be some valid points for this 
> design decision and I would be interested to hear about them. It is also 
> unclear to me if accessing the RDS data directly from lua-nginx is 
> possible.

Because JSON parsers for Lua were already available ;)
Anyway, I believe that agentzh was/is working on RDS parser for Lua.

> Any ideas on that more than welcome :-)

Not sure if this is helpful, but you can return binary data from PostgreSQL 
(you should be using PostgreSQL instead of MySQL anyway :P) using 
ngx_postgres with "postgres_output" directive. There is a reason why there 
is no "drizzle_output" directive, but I'll let agentzh comment on that.

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