upload_resume sha1, md5 and crc32 aggregates missing

Valery Kholodkov valery+nginxen at grid.net.ru
Sat Oct 8 15:55:35 UTC 2011

These aggregates are not available for resumable uploads, as hashes of the last part will not make sense anyway. 

----- Andrew Hammond <andrew.george.hammond at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm seeing most, but not all of the upload form fields get set. However, the
> sha1, md5 and crc32 aggregates below are blanks:
> request.POST <QueryDict: {
> u'upload_name': [u'py_lightweight_uploader.py'],
> u'upload_size': [u'11345'],
> u'upload_sha1': [u''],
> u'upload_content_type': [u'text/x-python'],
> u'upload_path': [u'/var/lib/nginx/resumable_download/7/64565707'],
> u'upload_md5': [u''],
> u'upload_crc32': [u'']}>
> I see that libssl is installed on the server. I don't see any entries in the
> error log that would make me think there is anything failing here. I have
> the following in the nginx config:
> upload_set_form_field upload_name $upload_file_name;
> upload_set_form_field upload_content_type $upload_content_type;
> upload_set_form_field upload_path $upload_tmp_path;
> upload_aggregate_form_field upload_sha1 $upload_file_sha1;
> upload_aggregate_form_field upload_size $upload_file_size;
> upload_aggregate_form_field upload_crc32 $upload_file_crc32;
> upload_aggregate_form_field upload_md5 $upload_file_md5;
> I based the above on the documentation and example config. What am I missing
> here? I'm using nginx 1.0.8 deb-src build from the PPA with the latest
> version of the upload_resume module included.

Valery Kholodkov

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