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Graham D. lists at
Tue Oct 25 16:06:22 UTC 2011

Andrew Alexeev wrote in post #1028314:
> Graham,
> Forgive my ignorance, what's "port 182" in your original email?
> In your tests did you use a single nginx instance and a single Apache
> against that 1 logical disk on Netapp?
> Can you show sections on nginx configuration relevant to disk operations
> (also, how many workers per nginx server)?
> Do you use any specific tunables to adjust the network settings for
> Netapp?
> How many files on Netapp partition?
> What's your OS?

Hello Andrew, where not using a high end NAS and our OS is Centos 64 Bit

Aleksandar Lazic wrote in post #1028318:
> Which HW do you have (Networkcard, ...)?
> Do you have anything in the messages/syslog file about some limits?
> Do you use connection track in the iptables?
> Cheers
> Aleks

Hello Aleksandar, Our NAS is working fine and there are no errors in the 
logs. The problem is with nginx it self.

> What OS do you use ?
> Try the following:
> worker_processes  32;
> http {
>      sendfile   off;
>      output_buffers  1 1m;
>      ...
> }
> --
> Igor Sysoev

Hello Igor, we are using Centos 64 Bit. We haven't tried using 
output_buffers yet so we will try that shortly...

Right now nginx is keeping the filehandle open after the file is cached 
in ram. So we end up with 3,000 filehandles open for the duration of a 
45 minute download.

This is a very frustrating problem.

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