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Guillermo Garron ggarron at
Sun Sep 4 18:01:50 UTC 2011


I'm new to the list, and I do not want to bother you, as I'm sure this has been posted in past please tell me where to find the archives.

If for some reason someone has the answer here is my question:

I've this setup.

Gentoo Linux

Nginx with this USE flags:

www-servers/nginx  http http-cache ipv6 pcre vim-syntax -aio -debug -libatomic -ssl nginx_modules_http_access nginx_modules_http_auth_basic anginx_modules_http_utoindex nginx_modules_http_browser nginx_modules_http_charset nginx_modules_http_empty_gif -nginx_modules_http_fastcgi nginx_modules_http_geo nginx_modules_http_gzip nginx_modules_http_limit_req nginx_modules_http_limit_zone map -nginx_modules_http_memcached nginx_modules_http_proxy nginx_modules_http_referer nginx_modules_http_rewrite -nginx_modules_http_scgi nginx_modules_http_split_clients -nginx_modules_http_ssi nginx_modules_http_upstream_ip_hash nginx_modules_http_userid nginx_modules_http_uwsgi -nginx_modules_http_addition -nginx_modules_http_cache_purge -nginx_modules_http_dav -nginx_modules_http_degradation -nginx_modules_http_ey_balancer -nginx_modules_http_flv -nginx_modules_http_geoip nginx_modules_http_gzip_static -nginx_modules_http_headers_more -nginx_modules_http_image_filter -nginx_modules_http_passenger -nginx_modules_http_perl -nginx_modules_http_push -nginx_modules_http_random_index -nginx_modules_http_realip -nginx_modules_http_secure_link -nginx_modules_http_slowfs_cache -nginx_modules_http_stub_status -nginx_modules_http_sub -nginx_modules_http_upload -nginx_modules_http_xslt -nginx_modules_mail_imap -nginx_modules_mail_pop3 -nginx_modules_mail_smtp

Serving only static files (My blog is Jekyll generated, so only html/css/png files).

Now I want to know how to achieve the best possible performance, leave my server as it is? or implement (on the same machine) Varnish in front of Nginx to serve from RAM instead of disk.

I am using a Linode server with 512 Megs or RAM.

thanks for your help, either answering me or pointing me in the right direction to find an answer.

best regards.

Guillermo Garron

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