PositiveSSL certificate keeps giving the untrusted issuer warnings in browser

Igor Sysoev igor at sysoev.ru
Mon Sep 5 04:55:16 UTC 2011

On Sun, Sep 04, 2011 at 09:06:07PM -0400, Ian Evans wrote:
> On 04/09/2011 8:04 PM, Ian Evans wrote:
> > Upon further testing I see that it's still using the old cert despite
> > issuing a kill -HUP.
> Sigh...okay, never mind. Seems I had one typo in the conf change so the 
> kill -HUP was still using the old conf. So it's working okay now.
> Still curious why some examples use pem and others use crt.

This is just a file extention. Both use the same PEM formay inside.

> Also any best usage additions I should add to the ssl section?

Please read this:

Igor Sysoev

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