Beginner questions about proxy configuration and white space

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Fri Sep 9 20:05:00 UTC 2011

I reinstalled nginx and re-added that directive to the new configutation
file. Now this happens:

>> sudo nginx
>> nginx: [emerg] bind() to failed (49: Can't assign
requested address)

In regards to the example given above:

server {
	listen some_ip:some_port default;

	location / {
		add_header X-h1 h1;
		add_header X-h2 "h2 h2";
		add_header X-h3 h3;
		add_header X-h4 h4;
		add_header X-h5 h5;
		add_header X-h6 "h6 h6";
		add_header X-h7 h7;
		proxy_pass http://backend;

some_ip:some_port is the site that I'm trying to pass the headers to.
For http://backend, I'm using ""

Any help would be appreciated.

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