$request_filename rename in download

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Mon Sep 19 10:02:00 UTC 2011

try it

          add_header    Content-Disposition "attachment; filename=$arg_key";

2011/9/19 raffo <nginx-forum at nginx.us>

> Hi,
> I have created a public proxy with nginx but when i download files like
> "proxy.*****.com/?url=google.com/images/logo_sm.gif" the filename
> "logo_sm.gif" it's not save in browse as the real name but with the
> name: "download".
> I need a rewrite rules that rename the filename with $args of url.
> Eg:
> site.tld/?url=proxed.tld/file.zip
> the file.zip will be downloaded as "download" name, not with file.zip
> name. So i need a rule that rename the file with another with:
> site.tld/?url=proxed.tld/file.zip&=filename.zip
> This is very easy for who know rewrite of nginx, i searn a lot of
> combination but i loss only time..
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> http://forum.nginx.org/read.php?2,215361,215361#msg-215361
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