Nginx as a localhost for my Django project/site -uWSGI

nabeelahmed nginx-forum at
Fri Dec 28 14:10:30 UTC 2012

Hi, hope you all 're fine.
I wanted to test Nginx, so I installed it on my machine (running Ubuntu
12.10) and it's running fine.
My question is (to any Django expert here), as Django projects/sites don't
have index.html index.php or anything, so what should be used/set as 'index'
in nginx configuration. I have set the URL path, by typing it browser lands
me in my Django project, also created and used demo.html for test (runs
P.S. How my Django file i.e. Project files ( , and my
APP file going to communicate i.e. minimilistic CGI (if uWSGI, kindly state
the setting steps for an already configured Nginx) .. as previously I was
running Django project + apps via it's built-in dev server ----> how can I
configure exactly the same while using my own localhost (Nginx).


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