Serve different set of cache conditionally

rwahyudi nginx-forum at
Fri Dec 28 23:23:50 UTC 2012

Hi All, 

I would like to know if I can configure nginx to utilise different set of
cache zone conditionally.

For example
-  if the user-agent is a mobile device then use proxy_cache zone called
-  if $http_cookie contains the word "semi-static" then use proxy_cache zone
called "semistatic_proxy_zone"
-  if user IP address is then use proxy_cache zone called
-  Serve the rest using  proxy_cache zone default_zone 

At this point, I don't mind having the rules as first hit first serve ( ie
if it matched user-agent then just use mobile_proxy_zone even when the
semi-static is present on the $http_cookie ) 

Is this do able ? 
Can we specify the proxy zone dynamically ? 

Rianto Wahyudi

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