Can anyone *really* explain opcode caching with PHP?

Roberto De Ioris roberto at
Wed Mar 7 10:25:52 UTC 2012

> Roberto
>>  I am not a big fan of opcode caching
> I'm interested in your reasons for this. My experience with mod_php is
> that I get huge performance improvements with opcode caching (my app
> loads a lot of code and libraries). If you don't use opcode caching, is
> there a better way to get the same benefits?

Your answer, is my reason :) It is app-dependent, so i never blindly
suggest to someone using it, without a proper undestanding of the system.

Often i have seen badly configured apache server exposing the cached files
to all the users of the system and so on. I see it as a second step in
building an infrastructure. Having said that, i prefer having an
additional layer (like nginx caching or varnish, as already suggested) in
front of the apps. ...But you can obviously have opcode and caching both
working on the same app :)

Roberto De Ioris

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