Can anyone *really* explain opcode caching with PHP?

Roberto De Ioris roberto at
Wed Mar 7 10:29:48 UTC 2012

> Thanks for the heads up on uWSGI. But my sysadmin skills are basic (I'm
> a developer really) and it looks a bit scary. There's not much info out
> there, while fastcgi is supported in the php core. For someone who is
> not a proper sysadmin, is uWSGI, in its present state of development,
> really a sensible way to go?

php-fpm (far better that the fastcgi embedded server) is in the core from
a couple of php releases (even if not compiled-in by default and somewhere
marked as experimental) but you will find tons of users of it.

uWSGI got proper php support from a couple of weeks, but it has the
advantage in having years of python/perl/lua hosting, so it has a very
solid core. Is its php plugin stable ? I would be a fool in saying that
after only two weeks, but i suggest you to maintain an eye on it :)

Roberto De Ioris

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