Rebuilding Nginx

Cliff Wells cliff at
Wed Mar 14 06:48:35 UTC 2012

On Tue, 2012-03-13 at 23:55 -0400, adam estes wrote:
> I want to add a module to my nginx build.
> The only problem is that I don't know where the source files are located at.

How did you install Nginx?  If you installed from a repository (e.g.
with yum or apt-get), then there is no source.  You will need to
download the tar archive and build from source.

> How do I find them, and then how to I rebuild with of my modules, plus
> the new one?

Usually you use something like:

./configure --add-module=/path/to/module/source --other-options
make install

You can get a good idea of what --other-options should be by running

nginx -V

and noting the configure arguments of your current binary.


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