when front proxy meet reverse proxy

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This is a cross post at
I got no answser there,so I post it here.

Since I think my question is related to the reverse proxy.

This is the post body:

In our app,we have make the cross domain ajax request,and we have no
control on the server domain which does not support jsonp,so we try to use
the proxy.

We have a proxy.ashx on our server,and try to get the data through this

So in this case I think our server is the front server to the client,isn't

However our server is deployed in the internal network which use the
reverse proxy.

Say I make a requset:


Then the reverse proxy forward this requst to our server,but our server
have no access to the internet,that's to say,our server can not access
http://crossdomainserver here.

So I want to know if you guys have met the same suitation,and how to solve
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