when front proxy meet reverse proxy

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Wed Mar 28 11:16:16 UTC 2012

Since I am not good at English,so I make a picture in the attach,hope you
can get it.

2012/3/28 Francis Daly <francis at daoine.org>

> On Tue, Mar 27, 2012 at 07:43:22PM +0800, maven apache wrote:
> Hi there,
> I don't understand your intended data flow.
> Can you describe it more explicitly?
> In general terms, "something" makes a http request to nginx; that
> "something" is "the client". nginx is configured to proxy_pass a request
> related to the original one to a back-end server; that back-end server is
> "upstream".
> client talks to nginx, and gets a response from nginx. The client doesn't
> know or care about upstream.
> nginx talks to upstream and gets a response from upstream. nginx doesn't
> know or care how upstream generates the response.
> If a web browser is configured to use a proxy server, then as far as nginx
> is concerned, that proxy server is "the client", not the web browser.
> From your description, it sounds like "some javascript running in the
> browser" is "the client".
> It's not clear (to me) what is "nginx" and what is "upstream".
> If you can explain more, it might help others to answer your question.
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