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Thu Mar 29 12:12:48 UTC 2012

One option is nginx-sflow-module.  It reports counters (and transactions) using a standard binary format over UDP - so you can have a whole web-farm reporting to a single port on another server.  No log-file-tailing required.   If you send the sFlow feed to Ganglia,  for example,  it will pull out the counters and trend them.   If your transaction rate is high you can reduce the load by configuring random sampling on the transaction logging,  but the counters will still be 100% accurate.

It works in conjunction with hsflowd,  so you also get CPU, mem, I/O stats for each server:

If anything is missing that should be counted/sampled for a reverse-proxy scenario,  please let me know.  The sFlow-HTTP spec is here:


On Mar 29, 2012, at 4:52 AM, Samit Pal wrote:

> Folks,
> I'am interested in nginx stats like per return status numbers, bytes
> served etc. I run nginx in a reverse proxy mode. I know parsing logs
> will give that, but I wanted to know if there any module which gives
> these stats. I looked in the stub module, i think these stats are not
> there.
> Thanks
> samit
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