Enforcing authentication requests for all resources under specific path

Jan Wrobel wrr at mixedbit.org
Thu Mar 29 14:32:32 UTC 2012


I'm working on an application independent authentication and
authorization layer that utilizes nginx with auth request module. The
two are working great for me, but I run into an issue that I don't
know how to solve, maybe you can help?

Is there a way to enforce auth requests for all resources under a
specific path? Say I want to protect all resources in /protected:

location /protected/ {
            auth_request /auth/is_authenticated/;
            error_page 403 /auth/login/;
            error_page 401 /auth/noauthorized/;

This works but only until more specific location is added:

location /protected/blog {

Which, due to location matching rules, takes precedence over the
'/protected' location, and auth requests for blog are not issued.

Is there any way around it other than repeating auth_request
configuration for each location?

I can think of two solutions, but each has quite substantial limitations:
1. configure auth_request in server {} section, but this authorizes
all requests, not only ones in '/protected'
2. Run separate nginx instance configured to do authorization only and
passing all allowed requests downstream. This would introduce
additional performance and maintenance overhead.

Is there any better way?


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