Configuring nginx as mail proxy

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Thu Nov 1 10:45:24 UTC 2012

Laurent Bonetto wrote in post #1081041:
> Maxime,
> Thanks so much. This was the key:
>> Note that this must be an IP address, not a hostname.
> My mail server was passing me a hostname, which nginx passed to the
> authenticate service. I had assumed it was fine to return a hostname.
> Returning the IP instead did the trick.
> I have now the proxy working inbound and outbound.
> Much appreciated also your clarifications regarding the low open file
> resource and server_name.
> You were of a big help today.
> Laurent

Thanks for sharing the info.

Can the SMTP/IMAP service behind the mail proxy be SSL based ones like (of course use IP address instead of DNS
name for Auth-Server here)?

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