Reverse proxy requires http header from upstream?

raidenii nginx-forum at
Sun Nov 4 02:25:50 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I'm trying to use nginx as a reverse proxy for several softwares that comes
with webui, e.g. Transmission, MLDonkey, etc.
All are working well except for aMule, which I can connect directly to its
port, but when I use nginx it always prompts timeout in error log.

The major difference between aMule and the rest is that amule web server
does not give a http header to the client, for when I try to use curl to
grab the header it gives an empty response. (Although it will return the
correct webpage when curl grabs the webpage) And I suppose that is the
reason nginx thinks connection timeout.

So I wonder if there is any way to let nginx "ignore" the http header from
the upstream and just pass the data whatever the upstream gives? Thanks in

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