Reverse proxy requires http header from upstream?

Jonathan Matthews contact at
Sun Nov 4 12:28:12 UTC 2012

On 4 November 2012 02:25, raidenii <nginx-forum at> wrote:
> The major difference between aMule and the rest is that amule web server
> does not give a http header to the client, for when I try to use curl to
> grab the header it gives an empty response. (Although it will return the
> correct webpage when curl grabs the webpage) And I suppose that is the
> reason nginx thinks connection timeout.
> So I wonder if there is any way to let nginx "ignore" the http header from
> the upstream and just pass the data whatever the upstream gives? Thanks in
> advance.

When you say "http header", which one do you mean?

If you mean *all* headers are missing, and the server simple responds
with data, then the server isn't actually talking HTTP at all, and
nginx is not the right tool for the job.

If that's the case, you should consider
load-balancing/reverse-proxying it either with something that does
talk the protocol that's being used, or something generic that can
proxy at the TCP layer, like HAProxy.

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