writev function not implemented

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Tue Aug 6 17:30:12 UTC 2013

Rangel, Raul wrote in post #1117896:

> The first one was I used -v /var/lib/nginx to create a volume which bind
> mounted a zfs directory inside my container. This worked correctly.

I was about to suggest that as a workaround.
I'm glad that it worked!

> The second was I created an ext4 partition and used docker -g to set the
> graph path. When I tried my test again it worked. So it does seem to be
> a strange interaction between AUFS and zfs.
> I'm wondering why your setup is working but mine isn't.

Indeed. I'm using ZFS on Linux with DKMS, as packaged by Debian:
ii  spl-dkms    0.6.1-2 
ii  zfs-dkms    0.6.1-1~wheezy

Which flavor and version of ZFS are you using?

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