fastcgi_buffering and caching from FastCGI server

Maxmilhas maxmilhas at
Mon Dec 2 16:24:16 UTC 2013

Yes, it is completely acceptable that people (possibly) completely out 
of an entire project make its documentation. Or at least it is them who 
must decide what is good and necessary to have on the docs, and what 
isn't. Remarkable.

Good to see this

> If you think that explicitly mentioning this will be beneficial, you 
> may try submitting a patch for the documentation. Note that this 
> applies to both proxy and fastcgi (well, actually to uwsgi and scgi as 
> too, but we have no docs for them), and to both cache and store. That 
> is, proxy_store, proxy_cache, fastcgi_store and fastcgi_cache. See 
> here for basic instructions on how to submit patches: 
> Source of the 
> site with the documentation can be found here: 

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