nginx or apache for game

Tim Mensch tim-nginx at
Sat Feb 9 07:32:41 UTC 2013

On 2/8/2013 6:11 PM, mottwsc wrote:
> I've read that nginx is much  better for static web pages and that
 > apache is better for processing on the back end.

I'm using OpenResty, and I would say that it gives me more performance 
than Apache (as an app server) would in ANY configuration. Possibly by a 
factor of 10-40, though I haven't actually done an apples-to-apples 
benchmark -- and I'm also using LuaJIT now instead of PHP, so that's a 
HUGE speed advantage by itself (Lua being the FASTEST dynamic language 
around, and PHP being one of the slowest).

I've heard of people getting 70k+ concurrent connections per second 
using Lua (or LuaJIT maybe) and OpenResty. My low-end VPS can't handle 
that many connections, but it easily handles 3k+ connections per second, 
including complex app logic.



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