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Sat Feb 9 01:11:35 UTC 2013

We are building a web based game on a LAMP stack, but it could just as well
be on a LEMP stack.  The game does not involve a lot of typical game stuff -
character movement, etc. - like in most video games.  Instead, it involves
some video clips and some html pages, with updates to content and chat
supplied primarily using Ajax and jQuery.  You can think of it like the app
'Are you smarter than a 5th grader', but this is an HTML5 web-based
application, not an app you download, and it has much more variety and

I've read that nginx is much better for static web pages and that apache is
better for processing on the back end.  Can anyone provide some guidance as
to why it would be better to switch to nginx from apache for this type of
game application?


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